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A line of trees hanging over a cedar fence in an alleyway
engagement trees

Calls for public engagement: Urban forest, aging, La Perle and Belmead renewal

Here are opportunities to help shape municipal planning about Edmonton's urban forest, renewal in La Perle and Belmead, and aging in Strathcona County.

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A bus shelter on 124 Street with some light graffiti on an advertisement for the city's Arc card, in front of a parking lot and an overcast sky.
city council region

Calls for public engagement: Stony Plain economy, Fort Sask forest, Vision Zero

Here are some opportunities to offer your input on various civic issues, including Stony Plain's economic development strategy, Fort Saskatchewan's urban forests, and Vision Zero Street Labs in various Edmonton communities.

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A man looks at a sign on Jasper Avenue
city council budget

On the agenda: Jasper Avenue, downtown safety, and urban trees

This week, a public hearing will take place on June 12, and city council will meet on June 13 and 14. Here are some of the key items on the agenda.

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A tree-lined trail in Edmonton's river valley
city council infrastructure

Calls for public engagement: Trees, zoning, and neighbourhood improvement

Here are some opportunities to offer your input to the City of Edmonton on various civic issues, such as renewal projects, service provision, and bylaws.

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Geese in front of the pond surrounded by trees at Hawrelak Park
city council housing

On the agenda: Homelessness response, trees, and investment performance

This week, community and public services committee will meet on May 1, urban planning committee will meet on May 2, and executive committee will meet on May 3.

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A bike lane is shown on a residential street lined with parked cars, trees and houses.
city council trees

City targets 2030 for two million new trees

The City of Edmonton says it will plant two million new trees by 2030, at a cost of about $114 million.

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Joshua Kirsch and Dustin Bajer stand in front of trees in the Edmonton Urban Farm
region trees

Project looks to map saplings given to Alberta first-graders

For more than 60 years, the government of Alberta has distributed nearly 70,000 tree saplings to Grade 1 students during Alberta Forest Week. Now two local tree enthusiasts want your help to map those generations of lodgepole pine and white spruce.

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A canopy of green leaves as seen from beneath a tree
trees climate change

For Edmonton, a sustainable future depends on trees

Even though a council committee has put off passing a bylaw to protect trees on private property, the Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future is encouraged to see progress on a file that is vital to the city's ability to lessen and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds seedlings in the Wild + Pine greenhouse
bloom innovation

How to grow a climate change solution

In Episode 20 of Bloom, the founder and CEO of Wild + Pine outlines his company's efforts to maximize the use of a powerful tool to regulate the carbon cycle and mitigate the effects of climate change: the tree.

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